Mineral Management
from Ag to Zn

Who We Are

As the 19th century was winding down, few suspected that iron ore was hidden beneath the vast northern Minnesota timberlands. Among those few, our founders, whose intuition and foresight became the Mesabi Miracle, which has grown into a comprehensive mineral management enterprise.

  • Decades of mineral ownership and management have perfected our business
  • Knowledge and pride of workmanship passed through multiple generations
  • A strong mix of seasoned mineral industry veterans and eager new talent

Our Team

Our name embodies the Lake Superior Region of our origin and our commitment to a superior level of quality service to our members. Our longevity is no accident. Our team of seasoned mineral industry professionals is committed to continuing the high standard of excellence established by our founders. We serve our members with honesty and integrity. 

A Rich History

Our story began over a century ago with the partnership of three families, the Pillsburys, Bennetts, and Longyears. United by the discovery of iron ore and words of honor, the partnership formally began in 1892. Various iron ore companies resulted from the partnership, and Meriden Iron Company was formed in 1903 to manage the family iron ore business. The name was later changed to Meriden Engineering. Through decades of patience and perseverance, the partnership weathered the boom and bust cycles of mining and endured through a deep sense of trust and commitment. Now in the third, fourth, and even fifth generation, the legacy continues and forges ahead into its second century as Superior Mineral Resources LLC.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to maximize return for our members, now and in the future, through effective mineral resource management. We are committed to conducting our business in a manner that is ethical, sustainable, and professional.